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Glengormley Methodist Youth Choir is dedicated to evangelism and discipleship amongst young people in Northern Ireland. The choir itself has run for over 35 years led by Jack Audley and over 1000 members have been recorded. Over all those years the choir have been involved in hundreds of evangelistic events and have travelled all over the world sharing the precious message of Jesus Christ. The methodist part of our title simply reflects that the choir was born out of the youth fellowship of Glengormley methodist church, our membership however is diverse and we welcome all.Since its birth the choir has ministered to people all over the world, though our main work is in Northern Ireland, from September to June. To find out where we will be check our schedule in Choir Engagements.

The group meets every Tuesday night at 8.00pm to around 10.00pm at Glengormley Methodist Church. Each Tuesday night the group practice and learn all the music and songs that is then used at many different services and concerts that the choir performs at across the country. After choir practice each week the young people hang out together, play volleyball and socialise amongst each other. Within the youth choir there is a leadership team made up of senior members of the group, this is in place to be of assistance and help to all the people of the group. Within GMYC, members have the opportunity to sing in the choir, join the drama team or play in the band. The choir is a busy group and goes out singing most Sunday nights between September and the end of May each year.

We also do many other singing engagements on some week nights but these are mainly on Friday or Saturday evenings and only happen once or twice a month. The choir also has a Bible study, held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday night of each month. This time together is led by our leader Jack and is open to anyone within the group who wishes to come along. Almost every week members are going out to the cinema, bowling, other churches and to other events and activities. So as you have heard and seen there is more to the group than just a group of young people who sing in a choir. The activities organised and ran by the choir are for everyone to get involved and to feel part of the group as and when they have time, the majority of people within the choir are either in full time education or working. If you want to know more about GMYC please feel free to email us. gmyc@live.co.uk



a message from jack audley

"The Lord calls us to be the Salt of the earth and the Light of the world"

When we live like this it brings hope and purpose to a lost world. (Matthew 5:13-16)

You are extremely welcome to any of the services, I'm sure you would receive something from it to challenge you!